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Who We Are

Visionär Window Systems is offering innovative solutions that significantly improve window & door performance, both hardware and frames. Our team comes with decades in the business and we are excited to offer what we feel will be industry changing products. 

Products include: openers, glass curtainwall, doors and more!


Coming soon...

This North American made hardware will do away with cranks, covers, latches and keepers as you know them today. It will afford WOCD compliance, improved thermal performance, high air/water penetration resistance, modern streamlined design, 3lbs operating force and an option to smartphone sync. And, you don't have to change your profiles to accommodate the hardware! Although not finalized, we believe the cost will surprise you.


Cube Casement Hardware   -----   Thermal Storefront Door    -----   Curtain Wall / Window Wall

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  • What are limitations to casement width & height?
    Currently testing. Most likely up to 42" x 84".
  • Are their finish options to the Cube?
  • What is the metal material?
    Stainless steel.
  • Does the system meet WOCD requirements?
    Yes, as designed. Certification to follow.
  • Does the hardware require milling through the frame?
  • What is the weight capacity on the system?
  • Can we buy just the operator and use our current latches?
    Yes, but we suggest implementing our complete system for best results.
  • Does the hardware meet ADA 5 lbs. force requirement?
    Yes, it is designed to meet ADA, testing now.

Frequently Asked Questions

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